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 Each chapter participates in a minimum of 2 LEADS & NEEDS conference calls each month. 

These are valuable calls for each member allowing them to perfect the 30-second pitch with their fellow members each month. 

By participating in this call, the Member is also given the opportunity to provide any new leads as well as his or her needs for the week. This is a powerful 30-minutes as our Members gain understanding of their fellow members, increase their knowledge of projects and companies, and ultimately get the opportunity to get more deals. 

 Each Member is encouraged to conduct a M2M (member-to-member) meeting each month. 

This meeting does not have to be lengthy but follow a process created by the ING. 

However, it is vital to building relationships and trust as members begin to refer business to each other. As someone once said, people give business to people they know, like, and trust. This is also true in the ING. 

Each chapter has a monthly in-person lunch meeting called FUEL. 

Just like fuel is a material that reacts to other substances that create energy so is this meeting. 

Members and Guests interact which creates a level of excitement within each individual chapter. This excitement is achieved through learning more about the Members, hearing success stores, discussing needs of their chapter, and understanding ways to become a more valuable resource to their customers. 

 All chapters have opportunities to improve their sales and professional skills by participating in corporate activities such as REAL SALES TALK and PIPELINE. 

  • REAL SALES TALK is a virtual meeting that takes place each month. These individual sessions focus on topics that are relevant to industrial professionals.  Chris Simmons is the host and depending on the series and/or session that is always a guest host who is an expert in the subject being discussed on Real Sales Talk. 
  • PIPELINE is a virtual zoom networking meeting designed for all ING Members and Prospective Members to attend. These are scheduled periodically throughout the year. Unlike Real Sales Talk, Pipeline is an opportunity for ING to broadcast presentations from talented speakers, trainers, and coaches from around the country through this platform. The purpose of a pipeline is to carry something over a long distance. As the ING continues to expand and grow throughout the US, this PIPELINE will allow us to deliver key messages to our members. 

 The ultimate goal for every ING Chapter is to connect their Members to Manufacturers. 

The ING has become a major resource for manufacturers in the industrial market. As the members introduce their ING chapter to manufacturers, more and more connections are made to their group. Each chapter tries to facilitate those connections by hosting at least 1 or 2 Connections Events per year

At these Connections Events, Members invite key people within manufacturing plants to visit their chapter. 

The goal is to make these key people aware of the ING and all the resources available in their chapter.

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