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FUEL is an in-person monthly networking lunch meeting designed to connect members and guests (or prospective members).  This unique format will follow a specific agenda to where Members will be spotlighted, guest will be introduced, testimonials will be heard, upcoming events will be discussed, and speakers will be heard

The purpose for each FUEL meeting:

  • Strengthen the relationships of existing member
  • Recruit new members by inviting guests and/or prospective members
  • Gain knowledge and encouragement from our speaker, trainers, and members


PIPELINE is a virtual zoom meeting designed to deliver inspiring information from regional and national speakers to our ING members.

This is also an opportunity for ING members to join with other ING Members across the country.  We encourage ING members to also invite prospective members to our PIPELINE meetings each month.

The purpose for each PIPELINE meeting:

  • Connect ING members with other ING members from all chapter 
  • Hear inspiring messages or presentations that will improve their skills
  • Invite guests and/or prospective members to learn about the ING

Leads & Needs Calls 

The Leads & Needs Calls are an incredible way for the ING Members to stay connected to other members within their chapter.  This can be done through our automated conference call system or through zoom.  

The purpose of the Leads & Needs Calls are the following:

  • Perfect your 15-second pitch about You & Your Company
  • Inform Your Members of what Your Needs are for the week
  • Let your Members know of any new leads or referrals for the week

Leads Examples:  Members are encouraged to share at least 1 generic or specific lead; A generic lead would be if a Member states that ABC Manufacturing is expanding; A specific lead (referral) would be ABC Manufacturing es expanding and they need someone to install a new roof on their building.

Needs Examples: Members are encouraged to have 1 need that they need met that week; might need a contact within a certain facility; need information regarding an expansion or new project; or they might have a new service that needs to be promoted to customers.

These calls happen 2 to 3 times per month in each ING Chapter.  These call times are located on each chapter's page.  ING Corporate will also communicate with them through text about these calls.

Real Sales Talk

Real Sales Talk is a virtual meeting that takes place each month.  Please refer to your chapter calendar for date and times.  These meetings were created to provide interaction between the ING Members by asking real sales questions and requiring real answers from the participants.

The purpose of Real Sales Talk is to:

  • Focus on topics that are critical and important to every participant
  • Allow every participant an opportunity to share their thoughts on each subject
  • Provide great insight by asking expert guest hosts to participate 


Member to Member meetings are encouraged within each chapter.  These meetings are in-person and can take place at a coffee shop or other venue of choice.  The ING has developed a process for each member to follow.  These meetings are typically 30 minutes to 1 hour and provide a way for members to get to know each other better.  

The purpose of the M2M meetings are:

  • Build trust between the members
  • Help them gain knowledge and understanding of the needs of the other members
  • Create a plan to help each other grow their business

Informational meetings 

Informational Meetings are held by new chapters, either virtually or by conference call, to inform prospective members about ING and to formulate networking relationships.  These meetings are held in the early stages of a new chapter's development.  

Our Sponsors

To become or to learn more about our Sponsors, please email: INGinfo@industrialnetworkgroup.com

      For More Information: INGinfo@industrialnetworkgroup.com  

   P.O. Box 334 Reidville, South Carolina 29375

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