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What To Do on a Rainy Day

What do you do when it’s raining buckets outside and there’s no one to make a call on? It’s a perfect day to increase your efficiency by re-organizing your contact’s, or CRM system, replying to those hundred emails you’ve been ignoring, or straightening your desk if nothing else. Do you have a stack of business cards you haven’t gone through in ages? Do you have an old notebook of meetings with clients that may have nuggets of info that you could use to follow up with them later? Just because it’s not the best day for travel, and maybe you’re feeling under motivated, doesn’t mean you can take the day off. Use the day to do an online course in some subject you need to polish up on, or learn something completely new! Reach out to an old contact or connection you haven’t spoken to in some time and spend 5 minutes catching up. You could go “old school” and handwrite a card and mail it. These types of activities will pay off as you’ll have a sense of accomplishing something worthwhile on a rainy day, and extra motivation when the rain stops! Get after it!