4 Ways Urethane Floor Coatings Will Improve Your Industrial Facility

4 Ways Urethane Topcoats Will Improve Your Industrial Facility

Epoxy floor coatings will improve the appearance, longevity and durability of many types of industrial facilities. When Liquid Floors installs epoxy floor coatings, we often suggest an additional layer of High Traffic Urethane to improve the durability, slip resistance, and chemical resistance of the resinous flooring system

Here are a number of benefits achieved by adding a High Traffic Urethane topcoat.

Slip Resistance

High Traffic Urethane coatings naturally offer improved slip resistance over traditional epoxy floors.  When aluminum oxide powder is added into urethane coatings it creates a smooth matte finish.  Combine this with aluminum oxide aggregate and you can fine tune the texture required for virtually any environment.  Most industrial facilities, when properly cleaned, see improved slip resistance without the addition of heavy aggregates.  For heavy industrial manufacturing facilities where surfaces are exposed to cutting fluids, water, or fine powders additional aggregate may be required.  With either option the physical characteristics and integrity are not compromised.  

Improved Durability

Urethane Topcoats also greatly improve the durability of your finished floor.  Taber abrasion and chemical resistance of a urethane flooring system is greatly superior to that of epoxy flooring alone.  While epoxy coatings serve as a functional primer and body coat for a floor, these systems are not durable under heavy forklift traffic or when exposed to process chemicals.  Even when impact resistant overlays are installed a urethane topcoat should always be considered to prolong the life of your floor.


When you are in the process of constructing a new facility or renovating a current space time is money.  Investing in the right flooring system can provide immeasurable savings over the life of the coating.  Urethane floors will provide a much longer lifespan when compared to epoxy floors.  This will reduce downtime and maintenance associated with floor repairs, damage from chemical exposure, and re-coating due to increased surface wear. Another often overlooked saving is through light reflectivity.  Urethane floor coatings can greatly reduce the amount of overhead lighting required to adequately illuminate a facility.  This will reduce power consumption along with a facilities carbon footprint.


Urethane floor coatings can be pigmented in a wide range of colors and sheen options.  Many manufacturing facilities choose to use various colors to designate production areas from traffic aisles.  Another safety benefit is identifying fire extinguisher, eye wash station, emergency exits, and overhead crane areas.  For restrooms and break areas decorative flake or quartz is often used as a functional and beautiful surface.  Urethane coatings are the key to longevity to any of these great flooring options.

James Eller is a Industrial Flooring Consultant with www.liquidfloors.com based in Greenville,SC.  He has been involved in the industrial floor coatings and concrete polishing business since 2000.  Clients served include aircraft manufacturers, automotive manufacturers,  USDA processing plants, pharmaceutical facilities, and more. For more information or assistance email james@liquidfloors.com