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Stick to the Task


Every sales professional has experienced highs and lows. There are times when opportunities and deals seem to roll in and even fall in your lap. Then there are other times when you do everything right and it seems you cannot catch a break.

What do you do? Complain, Panic, Blame your Company, or even your Product or Service.

We all have experience those times that others may refer to as a sales slump. If we decide to take the wrong path, then we could end up landing in the place called self pity. To take the right path you must get back to the basics of selling. Making contacts; Networking with other key professionals; Following-up with clients who have done business with you in the past; Listening to positive music; Reading an inspirational book. The key is getting your MINDSET right.

It is going to take hard work. You have to make more calls, meet more people, and network like crazy. If you take this path, then you will find more opportunities. You will get more chances to close some deals. You will work your way out of your slump. You will overcome. It all depends if you are willing to stick to the task.

Stick to the task till it sticks to you.  

Beginners are many and enders are few.   Honor, glory, power, and praise, always goes to the ones that stay.

Stick to the task till it sticks to you.

Bend with it, Sweat with it, Smile with it to,

Because out of life’s bends the sweats and the smiles

Will come victory after awhile.

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