What Sets Producers Apart From Non-Producers

What makes a Producer different than a Non-Producer. Does a Producer possess more skills than a Non-Producer? Does a Producer get more breaks than a Non-Producer?

When Non-Producers evaluate Producers, they often say things like: They must have known someone within the company. They must have

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Prospecting versus Procrastinating

Inexperience salespeople always find an excuse not to prospect. Often times, they will substitute activities that appear to be productive but cause them to delay prospecting for new business. These types of Salespeople always look for an excuse especially when they cannot produce

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First Connections Event

The Spartanburg Chapter of the Industrial Network Group held their first Connections Event in April of 2017.

With 25 members, 5 preferred supplies and over 25 guests participating, the event was a huge success.

The goal was to provide a great evening: networking, exciting speaker, good food

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