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What Sets Producers Apart From Non-Producers

What makes a Producer different than a Non-Producer. Does a Producer possess more skills than a Non-Producer? Does a Producer get more breaks than a Non-Producer?

When Non-Producers evaluate Producers, they often say things like: They must have known someone within the company. They must have had someone open doors for them to make it easier for them. They seem to get all the breaks, and so on and so on. Non-Producers often believe that Producers have had some help along the way that they did not receive. By believing this, Non-Producers can continue their non-productive activities to justify their unsatisfactory performance.

So if Producers have not received any special treatment or favors, then what is it that causes them to produce and keeps non-producers from not performing? It seems simple but from my experience, there are just 3 things that will help you become a Producer.

1. Your Attitude – to become a Producer you must possess the right attitude. I have never met a Producer who did not think they could produce. Even if they were in a slump, they always believe that success was right around the corner. Failure does not define them. As a matter of fact, failure means their one step closer to becoming successful. Non-Producers are always blaming others for their non-productivity. Their attitudes are dependent upon what other people do for them or against them. Producers realize that every day is a gift. In order to make it productive, they shed any negative thought that crowds their mind such as doubt, fear, worry. This does not mean Producers never have any negative thoughts during a day. It just means they find a way to not allow them to hang around in their minds.

2. Your Actions – to become a Producer you must produce the right actions. Non-Producers think that those who produce are just in the right place at the right time. What they fail to realize is the amount of effort it took to get in that right place. Producers fill their days with productive activities. They do not measure the success of the day just by the number of purchase orders but by the number of productive activities. Someone once said actions always speak louder than words. Producers spend less time telling you what they are going to do. They just go out and do it. Most Non-Producers want to become a Producer. Unfortunately, they are not willing to implement the right actions to get them there, it is easier to blame the Producers success on being in the right place at the right time. It is much easier to accept than to admit that their actions are what made them successful.

3. Your Alliances – to become a Producer you must put together the right Alliances. An Alliance is an agreement between two or more for specific purposes. Have you ever noticed that Producers hang around other Producers? They seek out those people, groups, or organizations that will challenge, inspire, and motivate them to be their best. Producers have those people in their lives that have an unspoken agreement to make them better. Producers always strive to be their best. They relish the opportunity to spend time with those who have experience with both failure and success. By aligning themselves with the right people, they are able to stretch and not get complacent. The difference between Producers and Non-Producers are often their associations. Non-Producers prefer hanging around people who have accepted mediocrity. Why? Because it makes them feel less guilty and allows them to not focus on their non-productivity. Is everyone a Producer associates with a rising star? Not always. However, they do spend the majority of their time with people who possess the right attitude and who produce the right actions that cause positive results in their lives and for those around them.

by: Chris Simmons