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Prospecting versus Procrastinating

Inexperience salespeople always find an excuse not to prospect. Often times, they will substitute activities that appear to be productive but cause them to delay prospecting for new business. These types of Salespeople always look for an excuse especially when they cannot produce

or generate new business. The activity that they decided to substitute instead of prospecting will most likely be the reason for their non-productivity.

Why do salespeople turn to procrastination instead of prospecting? There are several key factors that cause this to happen.

1) Confidence

Inexperienced sales reps lack the confidence to effectively prospect. They cannot handle the word “NO” and often take it personally. Prospecting means stepping out of your boat on the choppy waters of uncertainty. That uncertainty of whether you will get a “Yes” or “No” will cause many sales reps to stay in the boat. As a result, they put off looking for new clients or building relationships with existing clients. They fear of asking for business due to the fact that the result could be a “NO” is too much a risk.

How to overcome? Get the “NO’s” out of the way. The more you ask for the business the more you will get “NO’s”. Just understand that a “Yes” is just right around the corner.

2) Knowledge
Inexperience sales reps lack the knowledge on how to effectively prospect. Their network is rather small so they cannot express their needs to a group of people who will listen. They also do not understand that prospecting can happen in many different ways (Cold Calling, Networking, LinkedIn, Social Media, etc.). Each of these methods requires a sales rep to learn new methods to promote their product or service.

How to overcome? Get trained how to make a Cold Call, join a Network Group & watch the most effective leaders in that group, attend a LinkedIn training session to know what you should and should not do, & finally take a course so you understand how to use social media.

In conclusion, as the Sales Rep gains confidence and knowledge then they will desire to prospect more than to procrastinate. They understand that certain activities might be good but will cause them to delay generating new opportunities. Confidence is gained by the Sales Reps getting outside of their comfort zone. To do this, they must be willing to hear the word “NO”. It only takes a few “Yes’s” to get the Sales Reps to keep trying, pushing, and prospecting. They soon realize that prospecting is their lifeline and can result in both short-term and long-term opportunities.

by: Chris Simmons