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Charleston ING Chapter Member – Dave Eckert with Samet Corporation

Dave Eckert attended Vanderbilt University – twice. First earning an undergrad Business Administration degree. Then returning to Vanderbilt for an MBA after 5 years of sales experience at NCR in Nashville and Memphis. After gaining his MBA he joined Westvaco in the New York City HQ, doing marketing and sales roles. He then relocated to sell paper produced by the Charleston mill. He left Westvaco in 2005 and rotated through several jobs in order to keep his family in Charleston.

Eckert joined Samet last August when the company opened the Charleston office which added to offices in Charlotte, Raleigh, and the Greensboro HQ.

His business development focus is on promoting Samet’s 50-year history and proven expertise in constructing Industrial buildings used by manufacturers and distributors.

“It has been an exciting ride with all that Charleston has going on. I brought to Samet many local relationships and information. But groups like ING have opened up a whole new range of products and services active in the Charleston market. The value of ING is that I am exchanging quality information with quality people who are mature, accomplished in their careers and that focus on customer service and relationships, not just a single sale. For me, ING is a reliable, ACCURATE source of information about Charleston opportunities.”


Samet Corporation – History and Corporate Profile

Founded by Norman Samet in 1961, Samet Corporation quickly became known for its unwavering commitment to client satisfaction and high ethical standards. Later in the 1960’s the company began to construct speculative buildings. This experience taught us to “think like an owner.” Since then, our project teams have focused on developing creative approaches to meet owner’s objectives and financial goals during each project. Throughout the ‘80s and ‘90s, Samet continued to expand across the Carolinas to serve clients in diverse geographic and market segments.

Arthur Samet joined the company in 1991 and succeeded his father as CEO in 2000. Samet Corporation employs over 160 associates in our Charlotte, NC; Raleigh, NC; Charleston, SC offices, and Greensboro, NC headquarters.

Samet Corporation provides general contracting services across a wide range of customer industries. These include (with 2016 share of sales noted): Commercial/Industrial (49%); Education (17%); Healthcare (4%) and Housing/Multi-family plus Higher Education (30%).

Samet Focus on Providing On-Going Services

We believe close client/Samet partnerships are critical to mutual success. We understand what it takes to convert four walls and a roof into an occupied, productive facility and then sustain the viability of that facility through renovation, expansion or an entirely new facility.

Our Charleston and Charlotte offices provide a Carolina’s regional team able to support our building owners in discussions about construction as well as creative approaches to client upfit requirements through to lease/purchase and financing options.

We look forward to the opportunity to partner with all project stakeholders. Our team offers personnel with a deep knowledge of diverse building types, documented track records of successfully managing project design and construction along with an intense focus on gaining consensus from and meeting the needs of diverse user groups. These strengths are capped by our team’s strong commitment to quality, safety and customer service.

by: ING Education Team